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We offer a full suite of in-house services, from research and discovery, project planning and management, application architecture and development, testing and deployment for our clients.


We can bring your project to life - from start to finish

Software provides the backbone of many businesses - it can help modernize an enterprise, streamline operations, and simplify cybersecurity. We design and architect services that integrate with your business strategy and growth objectives. Whether you're a small business owner or a large corporation, it's vital to have a robust software development and support team in place. As the technology landscape continues to change, the needs for software development become even more important.

Custom Software Development

Our team of expert designers, developers and analysts specialize in made-to-order software solutions for enterprise, web and mobile applications, standalone applications, custom databases, and more to help solve our customers' problems or to update an existing system while minimizing the efforts and cost involved. Services can range from Systems Upgrades, Business Analysis, Technology Solutions and Project Management.

GIS Development

So what is GIS? GIS (Geo-spatial Information Systems) is a revolutionary technology that uses mapping technology to develop better solutions for city planning, land use, environmental mapping, resource allocation and more. Developing an enterprise geospatial application requires the best in technology, but equally important is the need for comprehensive and accurate data.

Our team of experts can develop your entire application, or leverage existing data to produce unique solutions on demand.



Blockchain technology is the modern-day equivalent of the Internet: an open, global platform built on trust and cooperation and a level of transparency and trust that was never possible before. By utilizing extensive research and development of blockchain technologies, we work with forward-thinking companies and organizations to help them create decentralized applications that are safer, faster, and more scalable than previous versions of these platforms.

Data Visualization

Whether building from the ground up or by updating existing dashboards we give business users the power to create their own interactive data visualizations. We open up your data and streamline the process to reveal opportunities for strategic insights and enable you to better understand your data visually through best-in-class data management platforms for on-premises and cloud solutions. We provide you with the flexibility to evolve as your needs grow, cut costs by choosing the most appropriate delivery model, and set a path to secure your data from inception to disposal.

Mobile Development

Mobile apps are leading innovation by delivering rich, personalized experiences to people wherever they are. We guide companies in the development and delivery of compelling and polished apps for a broad range of devices and platforms for their mobile users and customers. Our team brings deep cutting-edge mobile technology competence to create amazing cross-platform user experiences and solutions to help our customers capture opportunities while being able to keep up with the constant change of technology.

ECM Solutions

Providing the best enterprise content management (ECM) solutions means having experts who understand not only your business, but also your ECM requirements. A common misconception is that you must choose between simplicity and functionality when choosing an ECM solution, but we think to move beyond just managing information and into a new realm of enabling organizations to become more efficient, cut costs, eliminate silos and provide access to all corporate information to everyone, everywhere within the company through ECM ease of use and access.

UI & UX Design

The work of user experience design is becoming more and more important in today's world and we understand the value of great design and work hard to create it. We are passionate about making products easier to use and more satisfying for the people who use them. Our Agile UI/UX design process brings together leaders and experts to make sure you’re successful in every step of the journey in delivering world-class user experiences that are sustainable, usable, and that concentrate on the end user and efficiency of the product.

Government Solutions


Velosys is a participant in the U.S. Navy's SeaPort Next Generation (SeaPort-NxG) platform - the Navy's electronic platform for acquiring support services in areas including Engineering, Financial Management, and Program Management. Participation in this contract vehicle allows the Navy to purchase a range of IT professional services from Velosys easily and efficiently.


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